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All Barnsley Driving Instructors Association members are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of driving tuition. No matter what your learning requirments are, the BDIA has the right driving instructor for you.


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Lesson Types

Lessons for 16 year olds (New!)

BDIA members now provide driving lessons for pupils aged 16. The driving lessons take place on private land, in most cases the lessons will take place on the land of Barnsley football club.

A six week course is available with lessons taking place each thursday, the lessons cover the basics such as starting, stopping, reversing and handling junctions.

All lessons are one on one with a comprehensively insured instructor. These lessons will help you get a head start on all the basics of driving and will fill you with confidence once the time to go on the road comes.

For more information on this please contact a member of the BDIA.

Block Bookings.

If your serious about learning to drive then block bookings are a great place to start. You can book a block of ten lessons and save money on each lesson. Once you've booked your block of lessons you can have as many lessons per week as you like( depending on the diary of the instructor).


Block bookings make great gifts, once the lessons are paid for theres nothing standing in the way of someone learning to drive and gaining their independence.

For more information about block bookings please contact a member of the BDIA.

Intensive Driving Courses.

Learning to drive can sometimes take a a while. Intensive driving courses can help cut the learning time and get you on the road much quicker.

Each driving instructor has different ways of planning and running intensive courses so for more information please contact one of our members.

For more information about intensive driving courses please contact a member of the BDIA

Pass Plus.

Pass Plus lessons are for newly qualified drivers to advance and learn new driving skills. Pass Plus lessons covers subjects in more detail. They include:

  • Town driving
  • Country driving
  • All weather driving
  • Night driving
  • Dual carrigeways
  • Motorway driving

There is no test to take at the end of pass plus lessons, once your instructor is satisfied with your performance you will recieve a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). This certificate could earn you a discount on your car insurance. Your pass plus instructor will be able to provide you with a list of pass plus approved instructors.

As a new driver you are more likely to have an accident in the first year of driving than any other time in your motoring career. Lack of experience can make you upto 2 seconds slower to react than an experienced motorist.

Pass plus gives you extra experience and positive driving skills that could take much longer to aquire otherwise. It'll make you safe, better driver

For more information on pass plus please contact a member of the BDIA.

Motorway Training.

Motorway driving can be daunting for the most experienced of drivers so it's important to have extra motorway lessons with a qualified instructor once you've passed your test. The pace on the motorway isn't something that new drivers will have experienced and it can be very intimidating.

Having extra lessons will help build your confidence and you'll learn how to use the motorway with a highly experienced, qualfied instructor by your side.

For more information on motorway training please contact a member of the BDIA.

Refresher Courses.

Refresher driving courses are aimed at drivers who have passed their driving tests but may not have driven for a while or are having trouble with anything drivng related.

Getting behind the wheel after a long break from driving can be daunting, having a few refresher lessons can help you get back into the swing of driving.

For more information on refresher driving courses please contact a member of the BDIA.